Jenkins Memorial Church
Monday, April 21, 2014
The GROWING  'Little Church by The Side of The Road'


Are you looking for a church home? We're located at 133 Riviera Drive  Pasadena, Md 21122

  Let me invite you to visit and get to know us at Jenkins Memorial Church in Riviera Beach, Maryland.  We are a Christian Church ministering to people from many different backgrounds. 

 We are an independent Christian Church that is not affiliated with any religious conference or association. At Jenkins Memorial Church, we believe that the Bible is the inspired, infallible word of GOD… that Christianity is not a relationship to an institution, but to a person. Christianity is a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Christians are
called to live godly lives and be ministers in the profession and community in which God places them.

 We are a family-oriented church, seeking to help build and reinforce strong Christian families. If we can lighten your load, or brighten your road, please grant us the pleasure.

In Christ, Milt Zahn, Pastor

 We have various small groups in our Church studying God's Word. There are many scriptures that tell us how beneficial it is in our lives to come together and study the Word of God. If you are interested, please call the church and we can tell you about the groups that are available.
410-437-2846. Or contact us HERE.
 "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness" 2 Timothy 3:16



Adult Sunday School is back 9/15/13 at 9am.  Book of Revelation

Crossfire Youth Group 6:30 pm on Wednesdays 

Bible Studies: Wednesday morning 10:30am, Saturday morning Men's 7am.

4/26/14 JMIC Movie Night - Grace Unplugged
4/27/14 Sunday School Sunday
4/27/14 Congregation Meeting and Pot Luck
5/4/14 Communion Sunday
5/9/14 Ladies Aid/ Crossfire Mothers Day Dinner
5/10/14 Church Clean Up Day
5/11/14 Blood pressure monitoring after both services
5/16/14 Jenkins Memorial Golf Tournament
5/17/14 W.I.N.G.S. Meeting 10- 11:30
5/30-6/1/14 Youth Camping Trip
6/5-6/7/14 Womans Retreat to Fairfield, Pa.

WitnesSing! is a group of Christian singers formed in January of 1996. The choir is an inter-denominational, evangelistic group of Christians.
"On the road for Jesus"
From clothing to grants, we provide avenues that directly benefit kids in need. We partner with professionals, volunteers, donors, program recipients, and other nonprofits
Covenant Village Camp is here to serve as a place to "get away"...for church retreats, youth groups, family reunions, men's groups, women's groups, outdoor education, bird watching, wildlife watching, astronomy groups, school clubs...